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July 31, 2012
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Frank and Mika by micaelopes Frank and Mika by micaelopes
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*Edit: I replaced the shitty version I uploaded before for the finished version you see now. The crappy one I entered for the contest was this, Golurk in the ruins: [link]

I was thinking on doing a battle between Gengar and Chandelure, two of my fav ghosties, but later I'd thought everyone was drawing Gengar and it was too typical, so I choose to draw this more paced scene with Frank, my Golurk from my Pokémon Black Version, and Mika, my alter ego as a girl on the game.

Submitted to the group: [link]

Done in A3 watercolor paper with mainly watercolors, only acrylics for the yellow lights on Golurk and white acrylics for correcting the sky.
Hope you like it, I really enjoyed this one. ;)

(c) Pokémon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak etc etc. I only belong the fanart.

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Wow. So when this piece of artwork slipped by me, the first thought I had was back to my childhood.
There was this movie, that showed the defying of creatures and people, that showed a ruin within today's society, and a pain within the creatures of tomorrow.
What, it doesn't remind you of the Iron Giant?
If you haven't seen that movie, then it's just an amazing coincidence. I highly recommend watching it, even though myself, I only remembered it upon stumbling into this painting.
The beauty of Mika sitting on the Golurk's shoulders in a pile of ruins really brings it all to life. Without the splash of pink on her hat and pack, Golurk would have been as part of the background as the pillars. Is that a good thing, or a bad? Well that's up to you. I just love it as a difference to the one before.
Now it seems I'm running out of words, but I can't stop. Usually when I write a critique, its because something really struck me as life changing in the picture. I don't quite know exactly what it is, but one thing that crossed my mind is the fact that Golurk is a ghost type. Yes, I know that you know, but it really hit the implication now.
See, Gastly is the reincarnation of dead pokemon souls, Yamask the reincarnation of human souls, Duskull and its evolutions are the incarnation of fear, Frillish and Jellicent the incarnation of the Ocean's taking, Shuppet and Banette are incarnations of the souls of the children at play, ect. ect. ect.
See, ghost pokemon in Pokemon mean something,
What does Golurk mean?
I don't know.
But somewhere in this painting, I can almost see it.
Maybe that's why I needed to write this critique, even though all in all its me rambling about what I think I see in this picture. Maybe we all love pokemon because there's an escape from death. No matter what, we live on as children in the game, children able to conquer the world, and make everything okay again. Kinda like in Pokemon Creepy Black: the most famous pokemon creepypasta, Pokemon fight to the death but never die.
Somewhere in this picture, in a human perched upon a ghost, is the acceptance of reality, of mortality, and also the realization that any one of us can be an Iron Giant, and everyone of us can live to be a Superman: even if death is waiting for us at the end.
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Just stunning watercolor work! The neutral colors all blend wonderfully together, but the yellow markings on Golurk really bring out the giant from the scenery! :)
I just love the skewed angle... but something about it just doesn't seem quite right. I think the foreground is a little too level but that could be me going crazy.
ANyways, This is a lovely scene with the player and her pokemon. I really enjoy the expression the girl has - serenity, and the way you placed it in what I perceive to be the remnants of the aftermath of a war, I just can't help but feel a little bit of angst. Like the player is recalling what the place used to look like before the battle destroyed it. Which brings me to wonder if she her Golurk partook in the battle... or was first caught here... OR is her "bodyguard" so to speak haha. :)

One more thing, I really enjoy the subtle look of concern on Golurk too. I can't help but think of Transformers - giant robots who can be sweet and gentle as well as becoming ferocious warriors in the fray of battle. ^_^

Love this picture! Great job!
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